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    What is a solitaire seed?

    From ancient times the rings were used to publicly announce the connection between men and women. It should be noted that these rings were usually made of gold or silver to have a high durability. Today, this tradition is preserved in all societies, and men and women use a wedding ring or ring to show their bond as well as their love for each other.

    Wedding rings have different types and varieties that are designed and produced according to different tastes among people, some of them have a simple appearance and others have a very elegant and luxurious appearance. In any case, according to your budget, very beautiful rings are designed and produced by fashion designers that you can use. It should be noted that in this article from the Cafe Tala website, we will review the solitaire and solitaire seeds, so stay tuned to the end of this article for more information.
    Everyone loves jewelry and wants to have a variety of gold or silver sets. That is why all kinds of gold and silver jewelry and sets are made so that people can use them. Some people even buy special gold to invest their money because the price of gold and silver is increasing day by day, and in this way, the value of their money and capital can be maintained.
    What is a solitaire?It should be noted that according to the American Gemological Association, a solitaire is a piece of jewelry that contains a piece of diamond on it. This jewelry can include the following items, ie it can be used on the following ornaments: Ring Earrings Necklaces, Brooch
    But the very important point is that the solitaire can even be on men's rings. Of course, according to what is common among the general public, a solitaire ring means an engagement ring with a piece of diamond or crystal. Today, with the change of the fashion and jewelry industry, any kind of rings with diamond or crystal jewels, as well as with any size and any cut, are in the category of solitaire rings.
    It should be noted that solitaire rings in Western culture are reminiscent of a special event in people's lives, such as the anniversary of marriage or engagement. In Western culture, people use solitaire rings for their marriage because they represent and also represent love, and many women wear it as a memento of their love. As mentioned, this style of ring is commonly used as a wedding or engagement ring.
    Today, solitaire rings are also known by other names such as single gem rings or a diamond, and many people also call solitaire single gem rings. The type of gem or diamond used in about 53% of solitaire rings is fast or angled, because this cut emits a lot of shine and light due to the angles created on the gem. They do. Many people, when buying their engagement or wedding ring, subconsciously choose rings that are in the style of solitaire; But they are unaware of their ring model and do not know that the ring they are holding is actually a solitaire ring. It can be said that different stirrups have been designed for solitaire so far, but the most widely used is the 6 long base brackets, and it can be boldly said that it accommodates the stone as beautifully as possible and also with the appropriate height. Reveals the details of the diamond itself. About 125 years ago, the Tiffany brand unveiled this design for solitaire rings, which is still used today.
    What is a solitaire seed? As we have stated so far in this part of the article, the meaning of solitaire or solitaire rings are rings (or ornaments) that have a very beautiful jewel of diamond or crystal or other special and precious jewels on them. In the jewelry industry, the jewel that is placed on the ring is called the seed, and when it is said, the solitaire seed means the jewel on the ring, which is usually made of very precious stones. Now, these solitaires can be single seed, two seeds, three seeds, etc. (even five or six seeds), which means that they are placed on a ring of three or five very beautiful and attractive jewels. Of course, the higher the number of these jewels or seeds, the higher the price of the ring (based on the price of diamonds or other precious jewels). But if we want to examine these rings historically, we can say that in principle, solitaires should be single seeds (large gem or small gem) and this model of solitaire seeds has long been placed on the ring, which of course It had a very beautiful and simple appearance and at the same time it was extremely luxurious and special. Today, there are many different designs on solitaire that famous jewelry designers around the world have designed this ring for famous brands. Below we will discuss some very special and beautiful designs of famous brands, stay tuned.
    سولیتر چیست؟
    Famous solitaire designs:
    As we mentioned in the previous sections of the article, the Tiffany 6 harp design, which was introduced about 125 years ago, is still very famous and beautiful, and was used as a model for a wedding ring. This design increased the number of buyers of solitaire rings and others used it as a fixed pattern. In this design, a very simple stirrup is made of gold, on which a single jewel is placed, and around the jewel is covered with claws, the number of which is six. Then came the very famous designs of solitaire rings, some of which are the most popular and famous:
    Cathedral design solitaire This type of arrangement is similar to the previous one, but it has a different style with a gentle slope around the stone and makes the diamond look very special and shiny. The name of this arrangement is derived from the architecture of the "beautiful arches of the old churches" on the altar of the priest, and its construction had a very interesting idea.
    In fact, it can be said that this name has survived from the time when the church had governmental power and the priest's position in the church was the same as the king's seat and seat, so the chairs and arches of that part were significantly different. And it was called cathedral design and it was very famous. Bezel solitaire design This design is smooth and modern and is suitable for people who like their ring to be very simple and special. It should be noted that in this solitaire, the ring completely surrounds the stone and one of its main applications is the daily use of the ring in which the stone is less exposed to damage and impact. Tension solitaire design It should be noted that this design beautifully surrounds the rock and keeps it in place in a springy way under pressure, allowing the rock to float and float in the air, and another advantage That is, because it does not have a metal connection to it, cleaning it is very simple and easy.
    Very important point:
    Diamonds are naturally absorbent of grease and dirt, and over time, as the stone is surrounded by grease, its transparency decreases, so after a while it needs to be cleaned to regain its luster.
    Solitaire ring is a very suitable gift for women:
    It should be noted that choosing a solitaire ring can be a very good option for a person who does not yet have enough knowledge of his wife's taste, these rings are designed in such a way that they are one of the best choices because all women like it. They like it and it is possible to set it with different clothes. In addition, your spouse can use a few simple ring rings next to it to make this ring shine and look more, and double the beauty of your hands.
    Solitaire rings are usually suitable for any lady with taste and beauty due to their stylish and at the same time simplicity and classic, and if you are thinking of buying a ring as a gift or an engagement ring for your lady, you can use solitaire rings. Take it easy, especially young ladies are big fans of these rings.
    As we mentioned in the previous parts of this article, in our country's culture, engagement rings are often of the solitary type, while in Western culture, they are bought to commemorate an important event, such as the wedding anniversary. Be. So you can also give your spouse a beautiful solitaire ring for your wedding anniversary and so on.
    Solitaire is a suitable ring for courtship and marriage proposal:
    Certainly giving a marriage proposal to a person you love from the bottom of your heart is one of the best and also the most exciting important events in every person's life. You stay. For this reason, everyone is trying to express this special offer in the best way and pass it with pride and getting a positive answer. Kneeling and giving rings to women at courtship can affect them in any situation and place.
    Offering a solitaire ring for a marriage proposal can be very special and attractive. On the other hand, it can be acknowledged that it is usually customary for this ring to be a single stone solitaire ring. Rest assured that this way of courting and this model of marriage rings will greatly affect the person you are looking for. On the other hand, for traditional Iranian families, this style of rings can be a very good option for a badge ring. Badge rings should be simple and at the same time beautiful.
    In traditional Iranian families, many marriages take place in the traditional way and with the introduction of families. In this style of marriage after the groom's family received a positive response from the bride's family.
    To formalize this choice in the next session, a ring is brought as a gift for the bride, which indicates that the girl is on the verge of marriage. This ring is placed on the fourth finger of the right hand. The wedding ring is prepared in the next stage according to the personal taste of the bride.
    Women's solitaire silver ring:
    Many people may refuse to buy gold because it is expensive and that is why they turn to silver, which of course has its own beauty and brilliance. Fortunately, recently it has been used for the sake of cost. The cost of this style of rings is also offered by jewelers, one of which is to replace the shiny and shiny atomic jewels instead of the original diamonds and diamonds. On the other hand, by making the base of the ring from silver instead of gold, the cost of making and preparing this ring has been reduced; But at the same time, you can add solitaire design to your hands by adding silver rings.
    For more information, visit the Gold Cafe website.
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