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    The rise of coin and dollar prices in the market today, Monday, 04/16/2020

    06 Oct 2020

    The price growth of the dollar continued in the market today and this currency increased by 500 tomans and reached the price of 21,800 tomans.
    The price of gold was traded at 930,325 Tomans today, Monday, and the price of coins reached 10,300,000 Tomans.

    Coins and gold are still rising

    Inflammations were still present in the coin market yesterday, and this precious metal increased by 400,000 Tomans and reached the price of 10,400,000 Tomans. The rise in coin prices came at a time when global ounce markets did not fluctuate significantly due to the closure, and the main reason for the rise in domestic precious metal in such a situation was the growth of the dollar and the shortage of coin supply.

     Gold price in the market Monday, 04/16/2020

    Anas Gold 1773.63
    Tehran Quotes 40,300,000
    18 Carat Gold 9,303,250

    Coin prices  in the market on Monday, 04/16/2020

    Old design coins 95,000,000
    New design coins 103,000,000
    Half coins 52,000,000
    Quarter coins 30,000,000
    One gram coins 15,500,000

    Rising dollar prices in the market today

    In the open market today, Monday, 04/16/2013, the price growth of the dollar continued and this currency increased by 500 tomans and reached the price of 21,800 tomans.

    Currency fluctuation management with market maker

    Yesterday, the market maker went hunting for the free market dollar and at least prevented the price from temporarily crossing the 21,000 Toman channel.

    According to the Gold Cafe , quoting the Tehran Jewelry Union, it seems that the market maker this week seeks to take control of the fluctuation by bringing its price closer to the market rate and gradually change the direction of prices. On the first day of the week, the market maker was not afraid of the growth of the dollar price in the open market, and the price on the boards of selected exchange offices had increased by nearly 2,000 tomans in one day. On Saturday, there was a gap of 400 Tomans between the price of the free dollar and the national exchange office, and this gap reached 150 Tomans on Sunday.

    Dollar and Euro prices in the exchange office of Bank Melli Iran

    Purchase price of US dollars: 21,500 Tomans 

    Sales price of US dollars: 21,650 Tomans

    Purchase price Euro: 23,850 Tomans 

    Sale price of Euro: 24,000 Tomans

    The latest rate of Euro in Tehran market

    The price of Euro in Tehran market was 24,400 (twenty four thousand and four hundred) Tomans.

    Last pound rate

    The pound reached 27,378 (twenty seven thousand three hundred and seventy eight) tomans today.

    The latest exchange rate of the Turkish lira

    The Turkish lira was priced at 3,200 (three thousand two hundred) tomans in the domestic market.

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