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    The price of coins and gold is determined by the market floor dollar / gold price forecast is forecast

    06 Oct 2020

    In recent months, especially yesterday, the all-spring Azadi coin of the new design crossed the 10 million toman mark. .

    The  bars of gold , the future price of gold, Abdullah Mohammad Wali, a member of the Association of Employers jewelry industry said the factors that affect the price of gold affect the outer part of that same ounce is universal and the other part of  the national currency against There are other currencies in which the final price of gold is determined by the dollar on the market floor in this siege  .

    According to Mohammad Vali, the role of the central bank in controlling the price of gold is very prominent.

    As for the reason for the high price in the gold market, Valiullah Mohammadoli, the head of the Jewelry Union, also believes: In recent months, especially yesterday, when the coin of the new design crossed the border of 10 million Tomans, the main factor active in the market is psychological atmosphere and It is an emotion that has driven strong demand growth.

    In an analysis in the Iranian newspaper, he said: " We are facing a high demand in both  the foreign exchange market and gold and coins, which, along with other factors such as sanctions and the prevalence of the corona, has led to an upward trend in prices."

    Mohammad Keshti-Arai, a gold market activist, also considers the increase in demand and the increase in the exchange rate as the two main factors in this price increase and believes: Unfortunately, news and political issues have affected economic issues so that now the price of each  Bahar Azadi coin is around one million. Toman has a bubble and the real price of the coin is 9 million Tomans.

    People should not enter into coin buying and speculation games

    According to Massoud Yazdani, vice president of the Tehran Jewelry Union, people who want to maintain the value of their investments and rials, it is better not to enter the games of buying coins and speculation; This is because the situation will not last long, and as the corona virus subsides and businesses return to normal, the downturn in all markets will certainly improve.

    Gold price forecast due to the rise of the dollar

    Will these predictions come true? At the beginning of this week, the head of the Tehran Gold Union answered the question whether the price of gold may have a steady trend until the end of this week? He said that with the increase in the price of the dollar, the forecasts indicate the possibility of a further increase in the price of gold; Because the  fluctuation of the dollar price directly affects the price of gold. If the price of the dollar is to rise in the same way, the price of gold will probably fluctuate by the end of the week.

    Ebrahim Mohammadoli had clarified: In this situation, the officials are expected to control the price of gold and coins in the market by controlling the price of the dollar.

    The reaction of the central bank to the latest trend of the dollar price

    The governor of the Central Bank said: "The turmoil in the market these days is mainly due to the imbalance of supply and demand in the foreign exchange remittance market, due to the problems caused by the corona at the beginning of the year."

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