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    Taxation of capital income of "coins, currency, real estate and cars" is a priority of the 11th parliament

    06 Oct 2020

    Spokesman for the Economic Commission of the Majles: Issues that are a public and urgent need of the people should not be speculated on. Taxation of income from real estate, real estate, cars, coins and currency is a priority, not all infrastructure is now available.

    The  bars of gold quoted Tasnim, Mahdi rebellion with reference to the general plan of the capital gains tax, said the implementation of the capital gains tax in the world, the fight against speculation and profiteering in the areas of unproductive economy, the resources in the areas of It is not helpful not to enter into public opinion comments; Like the realm of housing, because it is a public and essential need of the people and speculation should not happen on it .

    He added: "According to this plan, if in some periods the income from transactions in these fields, such as housing, was more than inflation in that period, taxes will be collected from the income from that.

    A spokesman for the parliament's economic commission said that in some countries up to 90 percent of income is collected as a tax. Real estate, cars, coins and currencies are a priority.

    He continued: "If someone becomes the owner of this property and earns so much from them, the government has the right to monitor them with the systems it creates and collect taxes from them."

    Regarding the impact of the plan on the coin, housing and foreign exchange markets, Toghyani said: "Part of the demand that is currently active in these markets is  not consumer demand ; For example, some people do not buy currency because they are importers, but buy currency to protect their income and wealth from inflation, and here with this type of tax, this type of capital can be removed from market demand because it is actually based on their income. Taxes are levied.

    Referring to the monitoring for the accurate implementation of the capital gains tax plan, he clarified: "These issues are in the plan and systems are needed to be able to monitor them. It is not that all the infrastructure of this plan is available now, but it is formed according to law. It also has a regulatory reference.

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