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    Global ounce retreat / gold and coin fever this summer

    07 Oct 2020

    Following the daily high incidence of the corona in the world, the upward trend in gold and coin prices has led to a high fever of gold and coins this summer.

    According to the Gold Cafe , in today's market, each coin of the new Azadi Spring was traded for 11 million and a half coins at a price of 5 million and 500 thousand Tomans.

    Gold and Coin Fever this summer

    The rising trend of gold and coin prices these days has caused us to continue to see high gold and coin fever this summer, in addition to our concerns about corona fever.

    Gold usually grows negatively in  the summer and its price decreases, but this summer is not a permanent summer and gold is still rising more this season.

    Many analysts believe that in the coming week (s), the price of gold will rise to $ 1,900, breaking a multi-year record and paving the way for higher prices.

    In recent days, each ounce of global gold reached $ 1,800, the highest price in eight years. But gold prices fell to $ 1,785 as hopes for a Covid-19 vaccine were released, as the US economic report and the industrial economy improved.

    According to economists, despite the recovery of the US economy, economic growth will be very slow because the increase in the number of coronavirus cases has led to delays in reopening programs in many parts of the United States. Meanwhile, the industry is not able to fully reopen until the corona vaccine is prepared.

    Ryan McKee believes that the  price of gold will not go down because any decline in the price of gold will be seen as an opportunity to buy and demand will increase. As a result, the price of gold will rise.

    Global ounce rise after retreat

    Gold rose to $ 1,811 an ounce on Friday. Cash gold retreated to $ 1,796 on Thursday following positive data from the US and Chinese economies, along with optimism about recent developments in corona vaccine production.

    According to the Gold Cafe , after the American company Moderna, the British company AZN also announced the successful testing of its vaccine on coronary patients. China's strong performance in the industrial sector and GDP has diminished the power of gold.

    But new records of daily coronary heart disease and escalating tensions between Beijing and Washington  have intensified demand for gold . Washington is said to be planning to impose travel sanctions on all members of the Chinese Communist Party and their families.

    The price of coins and gold in the market today, Saturday, July 19, 2020

    According to the announcement of the Jewelry Union in the Tehran market, the new design Azadi spring coin was traded at a price of 11 million Tomans and the old design Azadi spring coin was traded at a price of 10 million 300 thousand Tomans.

    According to this report, the Bahar Azadi half coin was priced at 5 million and 500 thousand Tomans, each gram of 18-carat gold was valued at 1 million and 44 thousand and 500 Tomans, while in the world markets, each ounce of gold was priced at 1811 dollars. .

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