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    Five years iran residency for foreign investors / Iran Stock Exchange Support Package

    02 May 2021

    Mohammad Ali Dehghandehnavi

    said that after the investigation, we were able to get 10 approvals from the government's business office, adding: "Three of these approvals can be implemented with the government's business seat approval from today, and the other 7 for government business. 'approval at council meeting.

    "IRAN economic coordination chiefs of forces is discussed.

    Referring to the three resolutions that were implemented with the approval of the economic headquarters of the iran government, the head of the iran stock exchange organization  added: Allocate one percent of the resources of the National Development Fund to the Market Stabilization Fund in the amount of $ 200 million, which is implemented in Rials by the Central Bank.Has been approved.
    He said: "According to the second decree, market financial institutions have been prohibited from buying and developing shares in the past, but according to today's decree, this ban has been lifted and they can use the facilities to do so." The head of the stock exchange organization, referring to the resolution that must be approved at the meeting of the heads of the armed forces, said: 80% of the income from the tax on the transfer of shares in 2021 (1400 iran) will be transferred to the account of the stabilization of the capital market bottom.
    He added: To encourage companies that operate in the stock market, the accumulated profits of these companies will also be exempt if spent on raising capital. Dehghan Dehnavi continued: Companies that buy their own shares up to 50% of the amount spent on the purchase of shares is considered a one-year tax deferral. The head of the stock exchange organization said: the investment restriction of banks on the stock exchange should be lifted and banks can enter the capital market to buy, and paragraph 16 should be postponed for 3 years, as well as the possibility of investing the National Capital Market Development Fund. As reported by the media.

    Dehghan Dehnavi pointed out: According to the third decree, foreigners can purchase a 5-year iran residence permit by buying shares in the iran capital market.

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