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    Full analysis of the symbol of Shabriz on the Iranian stock exchange

    05 May 2021

    Shabriz Symbol, the stock symbol of the Tabriz Oil Refining Company, designed in 1974 and launched in February 1977 and entered the Iran Stock Exchange in 2008. Shabriz is another refining symbol whose shares are featured in the First Refining Fund, and therefore many shareholders are following the price changes of this share.

    According to Tala Cafe, Shabriz is another refining symbol whose stock is featured in the First Refining Fund. The Tabriz Oil Refining Company was launched in February 1977 with a nominal capacity of 80,000 barrels per day and at the end of October 1998 this company was registered in the General Administration.

    Tabriz Oil Refining Company now has an approximately 7% stake in the whole country's crude oil refining, supplying a portion of the liquid fuel required by the western part of the country (East Azerbaijan, West Kurdistan, West Azerbaijan, Zanjan provinces) .

    Shares of the Shabriz Company gained 157% and after the capital increase, these shares closed and their price fell by about 60%. It was decided that every time the capital increase is registered at the meeting, a bonus will be attributed to the shares to compensate to a certain extent the losses of the shareholders. These stocks are planned for the following years (up to 1405) with a capital increase.

    It is possible to participate in the stock market and stocks and earn money from stock market symbols and capital market indices, provided that with a thorough analysis of the statistical information of the symbols and how to use stock market fluctuations and identify indicators which are important to stock market participants In consultation with stock market experts, they work on the stock exchange of Iran.
    Shabriz introduction and history

    The symbol of Shabriz is related to the oil refining of Tabriz. Shabriz Company is a public limited company of the National Iranian Oil Company and the National Iranian Oil Products Refining and Distribution Company. It was founded as a subsidiary of the National Iranian Oil Refining and Distribution Company. At the end of October 1998, the company was registered with the general register.

    Shabriz company (symbol of Shabriz) entered the Iran Stock Exchange in 2008 and all people have been able to buy it. This company was transferred from Tehran to Tabriz in 2011. Due to this incident, the company registered its company in the city of Tabriz in early 1392.

    Currently, Shabriz Company is part of the subsidiary units of the Parsian Oil and Gas Development Group Company and this company is the final business unit of the group.

    The Tabriz Oil Refining Company was designed in 1974 and following the completion of construction phases in February 1977, it was launched with a nominal capacity of 80,000 barrels per day.
    The increase in production capacity to 110,000 barrels in 1371 with the efforts of local experts and specialists is the gold leaf that has been achieved in this company.
    Tabriz Oil Refining Company now has an approximately 7% stake in the whole country's crude oil refining, supplying a portion of the liquid fuel required by the western part of the country (East Azerbaijan, West Kurdistan, West Azerbaijan, Zanjan provinces) .

    The subject of Shabriz's activity Construction

    commissioning and operation of industrial plants for the production, marketing, sale and reception, exchange and purchase of refinery feed from the National Iranian Oil Company, National Gas Company, refining and processing of crude oil and production of petroleum products such as gasoline kerosene, diesel fuel, baking oil and other by-products. Shabriz activities are divided into two main parts and sub-parts as follows: The main activities are as follows: Construction of industrial plants with the aim of exporting chemical products and selling, marketing and ... Buying, selling or trading refineries with domestic and foreign oil companies Production of products such as oil, gasoline and ... Execution of refining operations for various types of hydrocarbons Take any action to provide the materials indicated in the statute The secondary activities are as follows: - Collaboration with individuals and legal entities abroad and within the country for the establishment of companies. - Imports and exports from abroad and the purchase and sale of products abroad or within the country. Realization of the profit of  Tomans of "Shabriz" in the first 5 months of 1399 Tabriz Oil Refinery released a financial statement for the 5 months ending August 1399 with an operating income of Tomans 8336.2 billion and a total cost of Tomans 7.737 billion, according to the new feed rates. According to the income and cost price, Shabriz's gross profit was Tomans 599 billion and the net profit of Tomans 979.6 billion. Therefore, the net profit per share is 98 Tomans.

    Message from the CEO of Shabriz In the message from the CEO of Shabriz Company

    The objectives and organizational strategies of this refinery are indicated: Today, in the shadow of the development of practical management in the world, it has been shown that developed human beings create developed organizations and developed organizations will create a capable and developed country.
    This is due to the continuity in all-round development. In other words, if there is a gap in the dimensions of development in the different units of society (family, external environment and organizations), a global national development cannot be expected in the country. Therefore, to achieve national development, it is necessary to transform organizations into universities to produce and accumulate experience and bring all new scientific theories to the fore. Because in this way the logical cycle of theory-practice closes and will bring more and more development. Obviously, all organizations have long had economic development and increased profits, but it is necessary to feed people and transfer the original organizational culture to the community, the gradual growth of the environment and society, as well as reduce and control side effects. of that industry should also guarantee the environment.
    Tabriz Oil Refining Company, by promoting and establishing the culture of the organization that learns in the company, intends to develop the culture of learning of human beings and of the family that learns on the basis of the AMIF / MAMIF model, planning the development of a true organizational capital ( i.e. human capital).
    Identify the fundamental needs of stakeholders (companies, shareholders, employees, customers and suppliers) to play an effective role in the development of the company in order to reduce cultural and economic differences in the environment and in society while respecting citizenship rights and environmental standards This ensures sustainable development in all aspects.

    Shabriz symbol diagrams

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