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    طراحی و ساخت طلا و جواهرات طبق نظر شما

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    According to analysts, gold has entered a new price range this month (July) . Market expert Daniel Pavilonis believes that if the price of an ounce can touch and cross the $ 1829 mark, it will make a golden ascent and this precious metal will be able to move to the historic peak of the ounce.
    Following the daily high incidence of the corona in the world, the upward trend in gold and coin prices has led to a high fever of gold and coins this summer.
    After the sharp fluctuations of the coin, in Tuesday evening transactions, the price of the coin exceeded the channel of 10 million Tomans.
    Spokesman for the Economic Commission of the Majles: Issues that are a public and urgent need of the people should not be speculated on. Taxation of income from real estate, real estate, cars, coins and currency is a priority, not all infrastructure is now available.